Our Process
The Journey
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Cultural Treasures
Respecting Our Ancestors
End of Mourning Ceremony
Contact and Contributions

The idea of the butterfly was brought to our attention by the
Late Margaret Hewer. The butterfly represents the messenger
of the departed souls. It is also said to be a symbol of the traveling
Spirits, those departed and misplaced that are wandering about.
The design was created by the Late Brad Collinson and adopted
by our committee as our logo.

Photo: John Weinstein

Repatriation is not an easy process. We strive to overcome the obstacles that come our way by maintaining an open and honest process, doing our best to communicate and understand each other.

One of our bigger challenges has been gaining the trust and participation
of a museum in the early stages of the repatriation process. By being diplomatic, patient and persistent, we have found that our efforts to explain our culture and our history have been successful. We are able to show first-hand that our work is done to honour our ancestors and make
a healthy community.

We include museum staff in our work and ceremonies where appropriate and together we build and foster relationships. By the end of each repatriation, the employees of the museum are always so thrilled to
have been a part of the process and you can see they understand and
are involved from their hearts.

We have learned together, we understand our history better and we see
the need for other people to understand our history and our current way
of life. We have learned more about our traditions and we see the benefits
of sharing in tradition with others.

Our accomplishments would not be possible by one group of people
working alone. The Skidegate and Old Massett committees have built strength by working together under the direction of the Haida community and we receive great support from the Island’s communities and organizations. Through the trust and willingness of many individuals and institutions to work together, the world is becoming educated about and supportive of the Haida repatriation initiative and hopefully, repatriation
in general.